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Attributes of a teacher

The attributes of a teacher as defined by the GMC include:

  • A personal commitment to teaching
  • An understanding of the principles of education as applied to medicine
  • A willingness to develop as a teacher

The Royal College of General Practice in their joint document with the Deans of Postgraduate General Practice Education have endorsed the belief that medical educators should aspire to gaining a professional teaching qualification.

About the GP Educator pathway modules

The GP educator pathway modules are based on content and resources developed as part of a validated PG certificate developed in collaboration between KSS GP Deanery and Kent University.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Development is a 60M level award incorporating the following Modules:

  • Module 1 Clinical Supervision (15 Credits)
  • Module 2 Educational Supervision (15 Credits)
  • Module 3 Evidence Based Practice (15 Credits)
  • Module 4 Collaborative Working

Opportunities also exist to continue this academic pathway through Diploma Modules to a MSC in Professional Development

Postgradute certificates for exisiting trainers

Why have we developed an academic pathway?

  • The Postgraduate Medical Training Board (PMETB) and RCGP have laid down standards for medical educators and this includes a move to increased professionalisation of the teaching role with the gaining of an academic award
  • Evaluation of our own educator pathway has shown those who previously took up the PG certificate found their work as a trainer was significantly enhanced
  • Revalidation processes will require enhanced reflection on our work in all spheres and the work undertaken in preparing for your PG certificate and the gaining of the award will support you in this process

It is not mandatory for existing trainers to undertake the Certificate but we would recommend you explore the opportunity.

How is this possible you may ask?

The Certificate has been specifically designed with the needs of busy trainers in mind and will be delivered through a mixture of trainer group activities, seminars and workshops and personal study and reflection as you move through a cycle of preparing for your trainer re-accreditation.

Any programme of academic activity is awarded a number of CAT points by the University in order to accredit the course. A PG certificate usually requires you to undertake 60M level CAT points. The great advantage of having experience is you can use this to put towards the certificate and a GP trainer will be able to accredit 50% of the PG certificate through this process of accreditation of prior experiential learning (APEL)

The remaining 50% of the programme will be undertaken locally in trainer groups, study sets and through personal study.

Each individual enrolling on the programme will be supported by an academic mentor: these individuals appointed by KSS will be experienced GP educators who have achieved a Postgraduate certificate of higher qualification. You may also receive financial support as initially the Deanery plans to support the cost of the PG certificate.

As you work towards your trainer re-accreditation process you will be encouraged to deepen your understanding of processes you routinely undertake such as supervision and assessment and gain an appreciation of the academic work underpinning these educational activities.

The assessment of the PG certificate will be though submission of a portfolio which is the same portfolio you would submit to support your trainer re-accreditation.

By making the programme relevant to your daily work as a trainer and using an enhance portfolio of the work you would normally have to submit for trainer re-accreditation we hope you can see it is something that can be achieved.

The detailed course guides will be available shortly.

If you are interested please in the first instance notify your Programme Director who leads on the role of Trainer Group Conveener and also send advance notifications of interest to the GP Educator Pathway Manager.

More information

For further information and advice please contact Dr Hilary Diack

For further information about the Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership and Medical Education, please click here.