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  • Introduction
  • Criteria for becoming a FY2 Clinical Supervisor
  • The role of the FY2 Clinical Supervisor

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Modernising Medical Careers has brought about significant change in the training of junior doctors. The Foundation programme bridges the gap between undergraduate and specialist education and currently takes place over two years.

The programme came into being because of concerns expressed about the SHO grade in Unfinished Business a report by Sir Liam Donaldson Foundation.

  • Year 1 (FY1) replaces the PRHO year and upon completion a doctor is fully registered by the GMC. Placements in FY1 are all in hospitals.
  • Foundation Year 2 (FY2) is a further year to consolidate generic skills as a doctor. FY2 doctors undertake three 4 month rotations, one of which may be general practice

Foundation doctors work to a national curriculum and are assessed to demonstrate that they are developing their skills. The programme is designed to be flexible, supported, offer opportunities to receive sound career advice and places the training doctor at the centre of the process. There is a comprehensive website giving details of the foundation programme at:

Currently 60% of all FY2 doctors in KSS are offered the opportunity to undertake a 4 month GP placement.

Criteria for becoming an FY2 Clinical Supervisor

  • Need to work a minimum of 4 sessions
  • Have been a GP for 3 years
  • In your current practice for more than 1 year
  • Are a salaried doctor or partner - but not a locum or retainer doctor

The role of the FY2 Clinical Supervisor

The named individual who will oversee the FY2 doctor during the attachment:

  • Arrange and monitor the work of the FY2 doctor so that the doctors do not perform tasks they are not yet equipped to do thus ensuring the safety of the FY2 doctor and patients
  • Offer constructive clinical feedback to FY2 doctors
  • Develop in association with the FY2 doctor a programme which meets individual learning needs
  • Undertake assessments on FY2 doctors using the tools developed for this purpose

We are often asked "Will I be teaching FY2s?" Primarily the FY2CS role is to supervise and guide the FY2 doctor and inevitably you will teach them through discussion around patients.

However, you are not expected to undertake formal “tutorial style” teaching with them – you can of course choose to do so if you wish.

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