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NHS GP Health service Briefing pack

CSA Examiner Booking Form 2016

CSA Examiner Support Guidance for GP Training

Child Protection ~ BMA guidance for maintaining your skills

Safeguarding Children Policy for GPStRS

JACTAG draft guidance on working with relatives

KSS GP Remedial Extensions Policy (Mar 17)

Supporting Doctors trained outside the UK - Medical Background Questionnaire

Transfer of Information form - GP School Transfers

Trainee Support for Primary Care Trainees

Thresholds for Referal GP

WPBA ePortfolio PDP Guidance (Nov 16)

ESR Generated PDP Change (Nov 16)

Forms, Guidances, Handbooks & Policies for use by Programme Directors

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SAFEGUARDING Children Policy

Introduction: As GP Specialty Training Registrars work with children and young people, GP Trainers are required to ensure that GPStRs have maintained their knowledge and competencies in keeping children safe from harm. We expect all GPStRs will have completed the safeguarding children training (level 2) annually. This policy would need to be followed accordingly.