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GP Training

At present, GP Specialty Training takes place over three integrated years which must include one year of appropriate hospital posts and one year of training in an approved GP Training Practice.

The remaining year will be a mixture of hospital and GP placements with almost all trainees in KSS spending 16 months in GP.

Commencing GP Specialty Training

It is a requirement of the Gold Guide that all Trainees complete a Form R upon commencement of training and then annually as part of the ARCP process.

The Form R was reissued in January 2014 broken down into two sections: Form R, Part A: Trainee Registration for Postgraduate Specialty Training. This is to ensure that the ‘trainee re-affirms his/her commitment to training and thereby remains registered for their training programme’.

Form R, Part B: Self-declaration for the Revalidation of Doctors in Training - this is required to be completed annually.

The Form R is a requirement of the Gold Guide and both parts A & B should be submitted to the LETB by all Trainees prior to commencing their ST1 training. Trainees must also ensure that the School has an up-to-date email address at all times.