Continuing Professional Development

Continuing professional development (CPD) is increasingly crucial for regulators, educationalists and healthcare professionals. Health Education England working across Kent, Surrey & Sussex (HEEKSS) supports CPD for Primary Care workers through the Post-Certification GP School and increasingly through the Community Education Provider Networks (CEPNs).


In terms of continued fitness to practice and patient safety, as well as maintaining professional standards, a  thoughtful, evidence-based and reflective  approach is encouraged which responds to the needs of the patient and the local population as well as the needs of the individual and their working organisation.

Continuing Professional Development should :

  • Be an ongoing learning process that supports GPs to stay up to date and maintain and improve their standards across all areas of their practice and career development

  • Encourage and support specific changes in the quality and delivery of a doctor's practice from professional, patient and service requirement perspectives.

  • Include any educational or professional activity directed towards developing the knowledge, skills, attitudes and personal effectiveness necessary to improve practice. Professional expertise demands a continuing awareness of new concepts, values and technologies.

    It is important for doctors to update themselves not only on the evidence base, but also on opinion and consensus. Equally, they must be aware of local needs.

    The ultimate aim of CPD is to support doctors and other healthcare professionals to improve the care they provide to patients through their own personal development.


The HEEKSS CPD strategy will adhere to the ten principles of good practice evolved by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AMRC) and Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) Strategy.


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The GP Workforce Developement Team can be contacted by email: 

GP Workforce Development Administrator: Clare Donnelly Tel: 01293 227102

GP Workforce Development Manager: Dawn O'Grady Tel: 01293 227123

Lifelong Learning Advisor: Steve Scudder

GP Appraisor Development Lead : Dr Kevin Hurrell 

Director of Primary & Community Care Education: Dr Hilary Diack