Becoming a GP Trainer

GP training

Do you want to be involved in general practice education as a GP trainer?

If so, this section is designed to help you understand the way in which you can achieve this goal.

Educator Competencies

  • Overview
  • Aims for the GP Educator programme
  • Learning outcomes for a GP Educator in HEE KSS


The role of a Clinical Supervisor in a general practice setting incorporates overseeing the clinical activity of the trainee doctor, ensuring that they only perform tasks they are competent to do.

The Clinical Supervisor needs to ensure patient and trainee safety. This requires the ability to recognise at what level the trainee doctors is performing and to arrange structured experiences which help further develop his or her skills.

The role of a GP trainer also incorporates this essential aspect of supervision but GP trainers support their GP trainee through the three years of the training envelope, undertaking formative reviews, planning educational programmes to meet educational needs and facilitating learning in a tutorial setting. GP trainers also undertake assessments that form an essential component of a doctor’s certificate of completion of training.

Aims for the GP Educator Programme

  • To introduce GP educators to the principles that underpin hosting a learner in a primary care setting
  • To assist GP educators in developing their own self directed learning through reflective practice
  • To introduce GP educators to key adult educational principles which facilitate learning
  • To help GP educators plan, organise and manage educational processes to support the learner in meeting their individual learning outcomes
  • To assist GP educators in developing skills in giving constructive criticism using observational feedback techniques
  • To assist GP educators in developing a flexible approach to teaching utilising a range of appropriate teaching interventions
  • To introduce GP educators to the principles of assessment and use of the nationally developed assessment tools used by doctors in the Foundation Programme and in general practice training

Learning outcomes for a GP Educator in KSS GP School

  • Maintain the safety of patients and the trainee doctor
  • Demonstrate an ability to draw up and undertake learning through use of a PDP
  • Demonstrate a learner-centred approach to teaching FY2 doctors
  • Use “descriptive” feedback effectively to assist the trainee doctor in developing their skills within the prescribed competency areas
  • Create a learning environment within the practice. This incorporates developing and supporting multi-disciplinary teaching and learning as well as assisting in the development of teaching skills amongst team members
  • Demonstrate effective communications skills within the consultation adopting a patient-centred style
  • Demonstrate high standards of Clinical Governance within their practice and reflect critically on Significant Events
  • Demonstrate proficiency at undertaking national assessment tool

In KSS we have designed a flexible modular GP educational pathway which leads to accreditation as a GP Trainer

  • Clinical Supervisor
  • GP Trainer

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