HEKSS Showcase 2014


HEKSS Showcase 2014 is a chance to see first-hand the excellent training opportunities, initiatives and support offered in the region through the eyes of the leading Consultants and trainee doctors in the South East and will feature a talk from best selling author of Bad Science and Bad Pharma, Ben Goldacre. This event is for doctors of any level and medical students. There will be various interesting presentations, careers advice, interview skills workshops, information stalls and much more. Whether you are a current medical student, a foundation trainee about to apply for training, a doctor from abroad looking for advice or anyone else intersted in postgraduate medical training this event is for you. Space is limited so please book your place early.

Ben Goldacre is a doctor, academic, campaigner and writer whose work focuses on uses and misuses of science and statistics by journalists, politicians, drug companies and alternative therapists. His first book Bad Science reached #1 in the UK non-fiction charts and has sold over half a million copies worldwide. His second book Bad Pharma discusses problems in medicine, focusing on missing trials, badly designed research, and biased dissemination of evidence. He wrote the Bad Science column for a decade in the UK Guardian newspaper, and has written for the Times, the Telegraph, the Mail, the New York Times, the BMJ, and more, alongside presenting documentaries for the BBC.

Ben Goldacre

In policy work, he is co-author of a 2012 UK government Cabinet Office paper on getting more randomised controlled trials on policy questions; conducted an independent external review in 2012 for the Department For Education on how to improve the use of evidence in teaching; and is co-founder of AllTrials, a campaign by doctors, academics, funders, pharmacists, professional bodies, patients and the public, to prevent trial results being withheld. His non-profit company Better Data has built Randomise Me, an open trials platform for the general public, and he has worked on various health IT projects such as www.prescribinganalytics.com and www.openprescribing.org. Ben is currently a Research Fellow in Epidemiology at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. His blog is at www.badscience.net he is @bengoldacre on twitter.