General Practice Tutors

GP Tutors are important members of the Post-Certificate GP School workforce and facilitate the GP Workforce Development of all GPs working in their area

They work closely with the NHS England Area Teams to facilitate appropriate learning activity that answers the needs of the local GPs as identified by the appraisal process and by the collation of clinical governance data.

They are developing relationships with local Practice-based Commisioning Groups, helping them identify the professional learning needs generated by new services arising in their localities and responding to those needs appropriately.

In many areas these needs are being answered by events supported by the Area Teams through Protected Learning Time arrangements, either as local educational meetings or as multi-professional learning events in individual practices.

GP Tutors also have a vital role in preparing GPs for Revalidation. They usually act as leaders of their local Appraiser Learning Sets and also help raise awareness of the requirements for revalidation amongst the local GP workforce.

They act as local resource directories for individual GPs looking for primary care knowledge and skills training and work closely with the staff in local Postgraduate Medical Education Centres.

For further information on this role please see GP Tutor Role 

For the GP Tutor locations via an interactive map please follow this link

GP Tutor's contact details for KENT, SURREY and SUSSEX can be found here:

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