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The Annual Review of Competency Progression (ARCP)

Trainees must demonstrate satisfactory progression within each year by undertaking a yearly assessment of their progress – Annual Review of Competency Progression.

In preparation for ARCP, trainees will have an interim review and should have a clear understanding of what is expected to give a likely satisfactory outcome.

As part of the annual process for revalidation of doctors in training, an up to date Form R (Part B) is required to be available to the panel when the annual review takes place. Guidance on completing the Form R and Form R (Part B) can be downloaded from

The panel consists of the BBT Programme Director, Mary-Rose Shears, and includes representation from each of the four specialties involved in the BBT programme. There is also lay and external representation on the panel. The purpose of the panel is to make a decision on whether the evidence trainees have presented their ePortfolio along with the ES appraisals is adequate for trainees to pass to the next level of training. If the information is inadequate trainees will be invited to the Panel for feedback and plans for how there areas can be corrected will be discussed. If it is deemed that trainees are likely to have provided sufficient evidence you would not be called before the panel. Trainees successfully completing BBT will be issued an Outcome 1 at the ARCP panel.

A HEKSS-based appeals mechanism is in the place for the investigation of complaints in relation to the management and outcome of the ARCP. HEKSS ARCP Quality Management Guidelines can be downloaded from the following web page: 

Information on BBT Learning Outcomes, Assessment Timelines for trainees for 2014/15 and guidance on how to complete a BBT assessment  can be found in the Downloads Box on this page.


Local Faculty Group (LFG)

There will be three LFG meetings each year to review the programme and progress of the trainees. At these meetings, it is helpful to have trainee representation. The BBT trainee representatives are:

Dartford and Gravesham Trust: Yvonne Igunma

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust: Rebecca Tresman

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals: Eleanor Morad

The LFG meeting dates for 2014/15 can be found in the Downloads box on this page.


Placement Feedback

HEKSS places great importance on the feedback it receives from trainees about the placements that they have experienced. This feedback is essential to the development of Educational and Clinical Superviors, both in hospital and in general practice, and to the training placement in HEKSS.

This feedback can be delivered online and does not take long to do, and we would like every doctor in the BBT Programme to provide feedback. There is also a national evaluation of the BBT programme being undertaken and we would ask that you undertake both of these exercises.

The giving of feedback is a necessary professional obligation for all doctors in training.

Please follow the link below:

Provide feedback on a BBT Year 1 Post 2 Placement in GP or Hospital Placement

Thank you for your support. If you have any queries about the survey, please contact GP Patch Management Administrator: Sharon Norton or Tel: (020) 7415 3671.


Careers Support

All BBT trainees in HEKSS will have regular meetings with a designated careers adviser. Careers support will be available in order to guide BBT trainees through the process of choosing their exit specialty. One to one guidance sessions will be offered to trainees towards the beginning of each rotation. In this way, the careers adviser can help the trainee assess how to make the rotation work best for them in terms of their career choices. The careers advisers can help the trainees make decisions about their careers beyond BBT, looking at their strengths and interests, in relation to the many choices which exist within GP, Psychiatry, Paediatrics and Medicine. BBT trainees should also discuss their career plans with their Educational Supervisor.

The Careers Advisors for BBT trainees are:

Ms Lisa Stone, HEKSS Careers Team:

Ms Margaret Holbrough, HEKSS Careers Team:


Exiting to chosen specialty

It is expected BBT trainees will have made a decision about the specialty they would like to pursue after BBT, at their ARCP at the end of BBT Year 1.  

Throughout the programme there is provision for study leave. The study leave support is primarily to ensure that the BBT curriculum is covered and that trainees are successfully from BBT into their chosen specialty.

Once trainees have made a decision about their exit specialty, they should make contact with the School contact for the specialty to ensure they meet the exit requirements. The contacts for 2014-15 for each School can be found here. The BBT Assessment Timelines also contains information about qualifications before exiting into a specific specialty.